Helpful Holiday Hints for our Furry Family

posted: by: Drs. Michelle Santangelo and Phil Kelch Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

The holidays are stressful for everyone in the family, including our pets.  Strange new things appear in the house, like the Christmas tree and lights, and strange, new people visit (some stranger than others!)  So, take a few minutes to help your pet feel comfortable with the changes and help your holiday go smoothly!

1.  Take Fido for an extra long walk just before your holiday party.  This will provide great one-on-one time with your pet.  It will also tire them out so they are less likely to get into trouble by jumping on people or onto a table full of holiday goodies!

2.  For the kitty in your life that you can't take for a walk, spend a few extra minutes playing with them before company arrives.  Try using a wand-style toy or catnip stuffed toys to get them moving.

3.  Buy a special toy for your pet for the holidays.  Pets become bored with their toys just like we do.  Rotate new or used toys frequently.  Toys that dispense treats or your pet's food are great fun and will keep them entertained longer than a bowl full of food.  Look for Kong toys, Wobblers, and other food dispensing toys at well-stocked pet stores.

4.  Not all pets are socialites, so provide a nice quiet area of the house where your pet can retreat if they choose.  (Cats especially appreciate this.)  An enclosed, warm area off the floor works the best for cats.

5.  Familiarize yourself with some of the "dangers" of ther holidays.  Tinsel, strands of lights, poinsettias, and holiday food can mean problems for our pets.

6.  Last of all, there are some "natural" ways to help your pet relax.  Products like Feliway, DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), Composure Chews, and Thunder Shirts may help to calm your pet during the holiday season.  Call or stop by for more information about these products. 

We hope you have a great holiday!