Boarding Change Effective December 1, 2017

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This fall, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary here at Clough Pike Veterinary Clinic. It has been an exciting time getting to know the clients and the pets in this practice. We are so thankful for your support and trust, and hope to serve you for many years to come. 
As the clinic has grown, we have worked with our staff to offer more help to rescues, and the occasional stray that comes our way. Add to that our usual inpatients, and increasing number of surgical cases, and our housing space has become limited. 
To allow us to focus on what we do best, veterinary medicine, and to concentrate on our most critical patients, we will be limiting boarding to patients which require medical services during their stay, effective December 1, 2017. Medical boarding will include pets scheduled for surgery, dental cleanings, acupuncture therapy, cold laser therapy, and needing medication administration. Pets will have to be current patients of Clough Pike Veterinary Clinic; nonpatients will be required to have an exam to be eligible for medical boarding.
Fortunately, there are many full-service boarding facilities in our area, and we will be compiling a list of reputable kennels that we feel comfortable recommending. Of course, we always encourage your feedback and personal experiences to help provide all our clients and their furry friends with the best possible experiences while away from home.
If you have questions about medical boarding or other concerns, please call the clinic at (513) 732-1575.
Thank you,
Dr. Phil and Dr. Michelle